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Foreign Residents 

Want to buy a flat with a view to the Mediterranean sea?
Don't buy before you discover what Israel's banks can do for you to save you lots of money!

Purchasing homes for investment in Israel is a complex matter that requires understanding and professionalism, especially for people who do not live in Israel.


Assaf Koren mortgage consultant specialized in helping clients who do not live in Israel or not earning their money in Israel, achieving an attractive and affordable financing mortgage for the purchase of apartments, houses or any other assets.

Funding is for new apartments, second-hand or self-construction.


Assaf Koren mortgage advisor has creative smart financing banking solutions specifically for foreign residents in Israel that suits proper banking regulation.


Assaf Koren accompanied home purchases by foreign residents in the country and knows the banking system this reference. Assaf is an expert since 2009 and know all regulations from the inside out to ensure you'll get the best deal of all.

Assaf's clients enjoy his success with all the banks in the State of Israel officially licensed broker legal.

Also, Assaf Koren works accompanied by lawyers who specialize in monitoring and representation of foreign residents in real estate transactions.

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